DAI Source Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions: A Case Study

As a leading technology and solutions provider, DAI Source is dedicated to helping companies maximize the value of their software solutions. Whether a company is based in the banking, communications, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas or retail industry, among others, we provide effective technology solutions that facilitate seamless improvements in productivity and efficiency.

But what do these effective business intelligence and analytics solutions look like, specifically? Consider one of our recent clients, a leading building supply company with operations throughout the country.

The Business Need

This business supply company was experiencing continued growth, and while such was welcomed, the company was challenged to quickly and efficiently scale its resources in order to maintain fast time to value delivery. The company found it increasingly challenging to plan and budget effectively, and its current Excel solution fell short of what was needed as it required manual reconciliation, consolidation and reporting.

Given the company’s growth rate, a more expedited solution was desperately needed; its currently technologies were causing the company to miss out on valuable opportunities, as well as delay the decision-making process and slow operations. Additionally, the building supply company had just four months to prepare for its next planning and budgeting cycle. A stronger, highly scalable solution was needed, and fast.

The DAI Source Solution

In need of a more comprehensive business solution that would enhance budgeting, planning and reporting, this national building supply company turned to DAI Source. Guided by an assessment of the company’s specific needs and objectives, DAI Source deployed a suite of IBM’s Business Analytics Software. Specifically, we guided the installation of IBM Cognos TM1 Web V10.2 software, which organized capital and operational plans and deployed a core financial dashboard across enterprise locations.  The client also leveraged the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Reporting V10.2 software, which offered a single unified analytics reporting platform.  With this software, the client was able to more effectively budget for both individual stores and the entire enterprise.

With the help of IBM Systems Lab Services and Training that offered onsite, hands-on training for its new technology solutions, the company was also able to ensure installation was carried out seamlessly and that quality could be assured.

Impressed by the ease of deployment and increased efficiency these solutions provided, the company also plans to integrate IBM’s SPSS Modeler Desktop software to further expand its business intelligence platform, improve revenue forecasting, marketing campaigns, and more.

The DAI Source Benefit

Ultimately, by partnering with DAI Source to leverage the resources of IBM Systems Lab Services and Training and IBM Training, our client was able to cut times for data processing and delivery while improving confidence in data. Consolidation occurred within just days, rather than weeks, and the final product—a modernized dashboard that guarantees accurate data information—allows the company’s staff to improve its decision-making process and maximize use of data provided. The client was further able to accelerate completion time because it did not need to make any model changes as part of the consolidation process.

Our work with this national building supply company serves as just one example of the ways in which DAI Source is able to help businesses in need of more efficient business intelligence and analytics solutions.


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