autoThe automotive industry is constantly working to improve demand and sales results, while delivering on increasingly voiced consumer demands to reduce cost and deliver improved services and maintenance. The changes occurring right now in the automotive industry are unprecedented due to consumer budget constraints, longer vehicle ownership, used car market growth, fuel economy/energy efficiency demands, and an influx of vehicle sales and interest from foreign markets.
These industry trends and demands could affect your business at the manufacturing or dealership level. How can you navigate these changes to gain a more profitable advantage?
We provide our clients with solutions to improve business outcomes- from manufacturing to dealership to maintenance management. With solutions that help across the business, whether within technology or business departments, DAI source offers beneficial solutions for a number of areas including…

  • Improve how finance, sales, manufacturing and distribution data is analyzed
  • Effectively deploy inventory and track impact analysis
  • Determine staffing vs. sales success
  • Leverage sensor generated information to improve vehicle maintenance, and predictive recommendations
  • Improve product development via increased social media and demand analysis
  • Increase inventory and supply chain management capabilities- ensuring demand and future needs are covered while reducing internal costs
  • Predict effective marketing campaigns- increasing the value of dollars spent, and sales earnings
  • Simplify data management, exchange, and oversight for increased real-time business status visibility
  • And much more…

With a comprehensive portfolio of IBM business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance, predictive analytics and strategy management solutions- DAI Source can guide you through the possibilities. We are available to assist with roadmap insight, solution review and planning, client references, best practice services recommendations, licensing guidance, product demonstrations, proof-of-concept, licensing renewals, education, and Q & A sessions.