Banking & Financial Services

bankWith increasing risk and expanding regulatory scrutiny, banks and financial institutions are under pressure to adapt and evolve. DAI helps business and IT clients find the right solutions to overcome these challenges- enabling increased revenue, profitability and growth. We help our clients shape their business through strategic solution deployments that maximize the value gained from factual insight, while improving data management, consolidation, and security processes.

With expertise and insight regarding IBM solution that address analytics, infrastructure, data exchange, security, content, and marketing concerns- we look forward to working with you to create a better business.

  • Improve profitability analysis and real time information management
  • Increase marketing effectiveness with strategic offerings based on predictive interest
  • Maximize the value from each customer interaction with improved client insight
  • Gain in-depth insight into financial and business performance at branch or enterprise level- from front line to back office practices
  • Manage risk across the enterprise and data center, while addressing regulatory compliance requirements
  • Address data exchange and privacy concerns- while improving automation
  • Reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and complexity, while maximizing team capabilities
  • Streamline data consolidation, reporting and predictive insight
  • Deliver better self-service analytics to the business, as well as your customer base

With a comprehensive portfolio of IBM business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance, predictive analytics and strategy management solutions- DAI Source can guide you through the possibilities. We are available to assist with roadmap insight, solution review and planning, client references, best practice services recommendations, licensing guidance, product demonstrations, proof-of-concept, licensing renewals, education, and Q & A sessions.