eduThe development of new analytical solutions is empowering educational organizations to do for themselves what they have been helping students learn to do for years… make smarter decisions. With advances in predictive analytics, business intelligence, reporting and data technology capabilities- DAI Source is helping clients to improve teaching effectiveness, create better student outcomes, deliver improved staffing and operational efficiency- while creating a safer, more effective environment.

Let us help you…

  • Provide deeper reporting and insight to educators and administrators
  • Create an environment that fosters a faster adoption of analytics capabilities
  • Improve student insight, success and risk analysis
  • Anticipate potential threats and opportunities
  • Secure sensitive data, while creating a more integrated, collaborative environment
  • Create an efficient infrastructure that helps maximize the value of strained IT resources

With a comprehensive portfolio of IBM business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance, predictive analytics and strategy management solutions- DAI Source can guide you through the possibilities. We are available to assist with roadmap insight, solution review and planning, client references, best practice services recommendations, licensing guidance, product demonstrations, proof-of-concept, licensing renewals, education, and Q & A sessions