High Technology

hightechSmart technology companies are finding the keys to future success within the mountain of customer, production, development, and finance data that they have been building. DAI Source helps our clients gain value from this data with industry leading analytics solutions, while providing education regarding how to create a secure and scalable infrastructure to support growth and data demands.

Some of the key challenges to mining this data effectively are ensuring the quality of the data integrity, consolidating data from disparate sources, and creating actionable intelligence from the information. By offering best of breed solutions, we enable our clients to address these concerns and challenges with improved insight and decision processes.

Let DAI Source help you…

  • Align the organization with measurable KPI’s and real-time success management
  • Identify emerging trends for success or problem management
  • Empower the business with deep analytics insight while providing resources back to IT
  • Provide role based and customizable, scheduled or ad-hoc, reports- in house and via mobile capabilities
  • Improve enterprise collaboration with transparent data sharing
  • Consolidate, manage, and secure data- creating reliable data intelligence from automated and pre-structured content management and pre-defined reports
  • Create a scalable infrastructure that promotes simplicity, while benefiting IT resources
  • Increase visibility into quality activities, fostering an environment that breeds success

With a comprehensive portfolio of IBM business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance, predictive analytics, integration, data, and strategy management solutions- DAI Source can guide you through the possibilities. We are available to assist with roadmap insight, solution review and planning, client references, best practice services recommendations, licensing guidance, product demonstrations, proof-of-concept, licensing renewals, education, and Q & A sessions.