insIn a fiercely competitive environment, Insurers are faced with heavy competition and diminishing customer loyalty in an increasingly regulated and complex business. At DAI Source we help our client’s determine the best solution design and implementation path to create a solid, scalable environment that will drive critical short- term and long-term effectiveness.

As an IBM Premier Partner we provide solutions that help…

  • Retain and grow your customer base by predicting the right offer for the right customer
  • Fast track claims and improve profitability by predicting claim complexity, severity and likelihood for fraud
  • Manage risk across the enterprise and address regulatory compliance requirements
  • Create and optimize sales performance management solutions
  • Streamline internal data handling processes and operational transparency

With a comprehensive portfolio of IBM business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance, predictive analytics, integration, data, and strategy management solutions- DAI Source can guide you through the possibilities. We are available to assist with roadmap insight, solution review and planning, client references, best practice services recommendations, licensing guidance, product demonstrations, proof-of-concept, licensing renewals, education, and Q & A sessions.