Big Data, Warehousing, Performance Optimization

bigdataWith Big Data and performance optimized data warehouse solutions from IBM, DAI Source is helping clients realize the benefits and possibilities surrounding advanced visualization, robust analytics capabilities, and maximized data management. We can help you develop and execute a dynamic strategy that will enhance and complement existing, as well as future, systems and processes.

DAI Source customers benefit from our partnerships with IBM and key solution providers by receiving insightful roadmap planning, best-practice solution design, test environment accessibility, advanced implementation assistance, and valuable licensing guidance- allowing customers to confidently implement solutions that will continue to drive better business outcomes.

Our clients are able to fully take advantage of IBM solutions which include data warehouse appliances that integrate database, server and storage into architecturally sound, pre-integrated, optimized systems that simplify implementation and management. We also help clients discover the capabilities of IBM’s pre-built and pre-integrated, data warehousing and analytics platforms and data warehousing software to maximize operational intelligence.

Whatever your industry, there is a solution, warehouse or data model that can help…

  • Banking and Financial Markets- optimize offers and cross sell, improve contact center efficiency and problem resolution, improve fraud detection and credit risk management.
  • Healthcare and Health Plans- measure and act on population health, engage consumers pro-actively, aid in health monitoring and intervention strategies.
  • Insurance- improve claims fraud detection, aid in customer retention with next best action recommendation, run catastrophe risk modeling, improve portfolio management
  • Retail- create valuable merchandise optimization plans, gain actionable customer insight, and improve workforce allocation and management.
  • Telecommunications- strengthen call center activities, create smarter campaigns, accelerate network analytics, and deliver specific location-based services.
  • Automotive- optimize inventory analysis, predictive asset optimization, and customer insight.
  • Consumer Products- drive effective promotions, handle micro-market campaigns, and forecast real-time demand.
  • Energy and Utilities- improve condition- based maintenance, customer energy management, create targeted customer offerings, forecast proper distribution load and scheduling, effectively capture and handle smart meter analytics.
  • Oil & Gas- deliver better workforce allocation, production analysis, improve drilling optimization, condition monitoring, and capitalize on augmented predictive capabilities.
  • Travel & Transportation- drive customer loyalty marketing, pricing optimization guidance, and predictive maintenance optimization.
  • Government- improve threat prediction and prevention, detect social program and tax compliance fraud and abuse, implement crime prediction and prevention efforts.

We invite you to explore with us how Big Data and warehousing solutions from IBM can help your business gain the competitive advantage today!

Talk with your DAI Source representative today to find out how you can leverage our B.E.S.T. Services Solution offering to fast track your project success!  We work closely with our clients, delivering in depth pre-assessment and analysis of IBM’s Big Data and Data Warehousing Solutions for cloud and on premise deployments, as well as providing implementation and post implementation assistance.

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