Big Data

bigdataWith more collectible data being generated and available today versus any other time in history- there is a growing need to manage, consume and execute decisions against the vast amounts of structured and unstructured accessible information. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it, while numerous devices transmit it- creating an alarming velocity of volume and information variety. Gain the big data competitive advantage by processing data in real-time fashion, while managing information streams more efficiently in a protected and secure environment.

DAI Source, and solutions from IBM, help clients answer the question- “How can we harness and gain value from this data?”

To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power, analytics capabilities and skills. Our pre-built appliance solution recommendations offer built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified experience throughout the solution lifecycle.

Create a powerful foundation for your business to…

  • Acquire, grow and retain customers with deeper insight into what motivates them- allowing your business to effectively add value and build improved client interactions.
  • Improve operations by creating an infrastructure that helps you manage assets more efficiently while gaining insight into how to reduce cost, fraud, and waste of infrastructure assets.
  • Increase financial performance with improved visibility to help measure and monitor financial and operational business performance- providing your business with the ability to analyze root causes and quickly assess success and alternatives with a level of unprecedented insight and confidence.
  • And much more…

Technically speaking…

  • Built-in expertise helps your implementation and management teams by providing codified data management best practices for each workload.
  • Pre-designed integration takes the headache out of deployment and architectural planning by marrying hardware, storage, and software design- helping organization create an optimized environment quickly that is able to provide high performance data workload environments and deep analytical insight.
  • Simplify implementation and management efforts by deploying a pre-built solution that offers open integration with 3rd party software, an integrated system management console, single line of support, and integrated system updates and maintenance to reduce downtime. Start running in hours…not months.
  • Accelerate operational analytics capabilities, query performance, load balancing, development efforts, and disaster recovery with a secure, scalable solution.

Let DAI Source guide you through your Big Data solution review process. We offer testing environments, solution demonstrations, pricing guidance, negotiation assistance, and expert services assistance from leading implementation and consulting teams.

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