Data Warehouse & Performance Optimization

data_whWith solutions that can meet your specific business warehousing needs- DAI Source helps clients gain the leading edge with industry leading solutions from IBM. IBM’s family of warehouse software products include a highly scalable relational database, time saving development and administration tools, and embedded analytics software. With data storage optimization capabilities, our clients are able to reduce costs, while advanced analytics capabilities help in determining new opportunities to optimize business outcomes.

With a number of product editions available from IBM, allow our resources to provide assistance with the solution selection, pricing negotiation, and best-fit services selection process.

Solution options provide:

  • Performance built on market leading IBM DB2 data server with enterprise class performance features from IBM such as Optim Performance Manager, DB2 Workload Manager, Adaptive Compression, Multi-Temperature Data Management, Time Travel Query, Continuous Data Ingest, and Multidimensional clustering capabilities.
  • Sophisticated Analytics with ad-hoc query analytics, reporting, data mining, predictive and text analytic capabilities help to provide analytics are delivered in real-time.
  • Terabyte Pricing that offers a simple and transparent model, allowing your organization to pay only for compressed data managed with certain solution designs.
  • Flexible development and deployment features and tools help clients gain the most value from their data quickly while simplifying administrative processes.
  • Security features provide Row and Colum Access Control and Label Based Access Control for flexible control over security access.

*Now offering IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration capabilities, clients are able to take advantage of analytics at the speed of thought using the latest in-memory, columnar, compression and processing advances to create a performance optimized environment.

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