Business Intelligence


Cognos Business Intelligence

DAI Source guides clients through the process of selecting agile business intelligence software designed to help organizations invent strategy, assess facts and adjust plans while empowering decision making and reporting to occur against an accurate version of the truth, regardless of organizational size and complexity. Cognos Business Intelligence helps empower lines of business users and IT by providing a full array of BI capabilities- including dashboards, scorecards, collaboration, reports, analysis, ad-hoc queries, and mobility functionality.

  • Analysis capabilities allow information to be viewed and analyzed from different perspectives and angles, helping to provide total insight and informed decision making.
  • Dashboards provide access to accurate content in a customizable and personalized manner- supporting how individual users make decisions.
  • Scorecards help streamline the management, monitoring, and appropriation of metrics so users can accurately compare current standings with defined and strategic objectives.
  • Collaboration is enabled by providing communication and social networking tools to help drive information exchange, further ensuring organizational transparency and collaboration can occur when needed.
  • Reports provide users with the ability to make fact based decisions against scheduled or information pulled in an ad-hoc fashion.
  • Mobile abilities can be used in conjunction with a number of platforms- allowing users to fully interact with Cognos BI in a secure, highly visual, interactively rich environment on or offline- regardless of location.
  • Advanced Visualization provides the best format for interpretation and analysis of your data.
  • Real-time monitoring keeps your business informed and up to date for by-the-minute operational decisions making.

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