Risk Analytics & Regulatory Compliance

biz_intel2Creating smarter enterprise risk management programs and methodologies helps drive better business outcomes and performance. At DAI Source we help our clients improve decision making via better risk analysis, insight and organizations transparency- enabling our customers to make better risk- informed decisions and qualify for regulatory incentives under Dodd-Frank, Basel II/III, Solvency II, and more. By streamlining risk processes our clients are able to reduce credit losses, the cost of regulatory compliance while better managing operational risk. With solutions for Credit, Liquidity, Market, Collateral, IT, Operational, Policy, and Compliance Risk Management from IBM- DAI Source helps clients review and implement the proper IBM solution fit…

We assist clients with the review and implementation of IBM solutions, including…

  • Operational Risk Management- Using a single, integrated solution- identify, manage, monitor and analyze operational risk across the enterprise.
  • Market Risk Management- provides a scalable, integrated risk platform to measure, manage, and control capital market exposure and liability functions.
  • Credit Risk Management- provides real-time access to accurate, integrated credit data- allowing financial institutions to meet regulatory expectations while maximizing financial performance and enhancing the ability to make smarter decisions.
  • Liquidity Risk Management- balance sheet professionals are able to utilize a simulation-based framework to handle sophisticated products, support advanced calculations, while addressing regulatory requirements.
  • Collateral Management- Empowers users with timely access to on-point, collateral related data- reducing operational risk.
  • Actuarial Modeling- Key decision-makers in insurance firms are able to utilize critical business information for managing risk, while protecting shareholder value and meeting regulatory obligations.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance- Reduce loss, improve decision making regarding resource allocation, and optimize business performance by better managing risk and compliance initiatives across the enterprise.
  • Policy and Compliance Management- Reduce the complexity and expense of compliancy and regulatory mandates by enabling the organization to consolidate policy and compliance management, while better managing regulatory change and regulator interaction.
  • IT Governance- Align IT operations management with business initiatives, strategy, and regulatory requirements while managing internal IT control and risk according to the specific supported business processes.

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