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DAI Source is helping businesses learn how they can benefit from flexible public, private, or hybrid cloud based solutions from IBM.  Whether you’re a developer, an IT leader, or a business leader- the IBM Cloud can help you work and innovate in increasingly impactful ways.

By exploring IBM Cloud based Analytics and Big Data solutions with DAI Source, clients are able to maximize roadmap, architecture and licensing insight to create successful implementation efforts for cloud implementation and adoption projects.   IBM Cloud based solutions enable our customers to innovate more quickly while limiting IT resource constraints, ultimately providing the ability to deeply explore large data sets, while shortening data consolidation and analysis efforts with limited IT involvement and risk.   The end result is faster innovation and response to market demands.


Big Data in the Cloud

A big data service needs to be able to look at a wide variety of data sources external to the data center, be able to include new data in the data center, accommodate new data elements not yet thought of, and provide a methodology for analyzing and reporting on all of it. The need for scalability, flexibility, and expandability lend themselves well to a big data environment from a cloud service.

Using a cloud-based big data environment makes starting much, much easier. Take advantage of the ease of starting by using a cloud service to step into big data for a small project first. Get your feet wet and learn. Demonstrate the value and then leap confidently into larger projects in the near future.


Analytics in the Cloud

If your business is concerned about having the required skills and resources for installing and managing your business analytics infrastructure and software, allow DAI Source to provide insight surrounding analytics applications that are now available in cloud-based or software as a service (SaaS) editions. Not only can you have your business analytics deployments up and running in minutes, but you can also reduce the costs and risks of development and deployment. And because you have several hosting options to choose from, you can get what you need for what you can afford.

We help clients discover the benefits of running Analytics Solutions in the Cloud, including:

–  Customer Analytics

–  Predictive/Risk Analytics

–  Operations Analytics

–  Financial Analytics


Take advantage of cloud simplicity, and let us help you discover how IBM Cloud solutions can benefit your business.  Contact us for licensing guidance, architecture development and assistance, business benefits analysis, implementation assistance, and roadmap planning.

Talk with your DAI Source representative today to find out how you can leverage our B.E.S.T. Services Solution offering to fast track your project success!  We work closely with our clients, delivering in depth pre-assessment and analysis of IBM’s Cloud, while providing implementation and post implementation assistance.