secruityDAI Source recognizes clients are faced with various challenges surrounding securing and protecting organizational data. That’s why we walk our clients through the various IBM data security and privacy solutions that can help our clients protect diverse data types and systems throughout the enterprise. Regardless if our clients are interested in protecting structured or unstructured data, in production or non-production environments, there is a solution that fits. IBM’s solutions can help provide a unified architecture for integrating security information, log management, event management, anomaly detection, and configuration and vulnerability management. We help reduce the complexity associated with solution selection, enabling our clients to meet their security, legal, and compliance requirements.

IBM’s data security and privacy solutions help clients…

  • Understand where sensitive and at risk data exists.
  • Safeguard sensitive data in structured and unstructured formats, within various environments.
  • Secure and monitor access to your company data continuously, while performing immediate activity review to distinguish threats from false positives.
  • Demonstrate compliance to pass audit and regulatory requirements.
  • Protect information from internal/external misuse and fraud- whether information is accessible remotely or locally.
  • Automate data security and protect from unintentional disclosure within openly shared documents.
  • Examine data access trends to pre-emptively stop abuse from individual or organizational parties, pre-emptively reducing fraudulent and criminal activities.
  • Mask information contained within applications, databases, and reports across multiple environments and operating systems- ensuring data privacy needs are met.
  • Detect vulnerabilities in database infrastructures, and determine the best course of remedial action. Full reports provide insight into exposure involving missing patches, weak passwords, unauthorized changes, misconfigured privileges and other database and security vulnerabilities.
  • Consolidate log data from thousands of devices, endpoints and applications throughout a networking- normalizing raw data activities to distinguish threats.

Talk with your DAI Source representative today to find out how you can leverage our B.E.S.T. Services Solution offering to fast track your project success!  We work closely with our clients, delivering in depth pre-assessment and analysis of IBM’s Security Solutions for cloud and on premise deployments, as well as providing implementation and post implementation assistance.

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